'An End to the Southern Strategy, But No Post-Racial America' says David Love

I am still blown away (esp with the secret service saying McPailin's rheotoric increased death threats on Obama) by the overt racism in McCain's campaign, and the disgust I felt motivated me to support Obama the most yet. Indeed, the fact that many white people (I head 55% of whites voted McCain and 45% Obama) rejected this crap... This very fact is what I am excited about, but I am still cautious, and I think the most obvious thing that we need to do, is continue to harness all the positive energy of the Obama campaign, and take this as far to the left as we can... At least some New Deal stuff, you know.

Well, I hope you enjoy this new essay by Philly writer David Love. I like his perspective, much like Mumia's as in coming from a radical background, Love does acknowledge much of the good of Obama being elected... but also recognizes that we now need to battle to get the most from it.

I also that you enjoy this video of Love giving a great talk at a press conference I organized:

An End to the Southern Strategy, But No Post-Racial America

By David A. Love, Black Commentator and Philly IMC, 11-21

Lee Atwater died a second time, on November 4, 2008, with the election of Barack Obama. And the Southern Strategy died with him. As the party known for little else than “starting wars and jacking votes,” as comedian David Alan Grier recently noted, the G.O.P. could no longer depend on racism for their bread and butter. Try as the McCain-Palin ticket did to stoke the flames of racial anger and resentment by conjuring up the image of Obama as the uppity communist Muslim terrorist with a radical Black pastor, the Southern Strategy made its last stand in national politics.

...But hold it, wait a minute: let’s not lull ourselves into thinking that all is well, and that we have somehow waved a magic wand to bring us into a post-racial America...

Read the rest here: http://phillyimc.org/en/end-southern-strategy-no-post-racial-america

These are some great videos I compiled, themed around the recent McCain campaign's appeal to the racist lynch mob:

If you haven't seen it yet, this video features some of Morrill's footage from a few weeks back.

Also this new one from Colorado paints a similar picture:

Lastly, this is Monday Night's Keith Olberman:


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