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A letter from Mary Hoeffel

Mary Hoeffel, Joe's daughter, wrote a great letter that we emailed to supporters this morning, and I wanted to share it with you.

Not much I can add to what she said, but I hope you will read Mary's letter, sign up for emails at, and donate on Act Blue.

Disclaimer: I work on Joe Hoeffel's campaign.

Claimer: I'd passionately support him in any case, as he's a true progressive with 30+ years of fighting for the causes I believe in.

Hoeffel Campaign Kickoff tomorrow (January 26)

[hoeffel banner]

for a

Campaign Kickoff Party

Tuesday, Jan 26, 5pm to 7pm

Pennsylvania Convention Center, Room 103

Enter at 12th and Arch, West Entrance

Featuring the Lincoln University Marching Musical Storm Drumline

It will be fun, and a great chance to build momentum and show some strength for the campaign!

(The usual disclaimer: I'm with Joe's campaign)

Joe Hoeffel, progressive for governor

I'm Joe Hoeffel's New Media and Technology Director, and while I think I'm pretty evenhanded, I definitely want your votes and your active support to spread the word.

This is my first post on YPP - I tried to register in December but that was during Dan's LogicWeb nightmare and it didn't go so well.

I am a recent emigree (moved to PA because its where my fiancee and her children lived; now we are married and live in West Philly) and I'm guessing many of you know Joe's track record as a Montgomery County Commissioner and a three term US Congressman in the 90s, so I'll just highlight a few of the things that got me excited and involved in his campaign:

Joe Hoeffel recognizes that the tax code is regressive, that we need major campaign finance and ethics reform, and that the way out of recession is to invest in people and jobs and not to cut programs that fall on the most vulnerable while protecting a few special interests.

Joe Hoeffel is not only pro-choice (at least 2 of 4 other primary candidates are pro-life), he favors CARE, he voted against PACA in 1981, heck he was around in the late 70s fighting the same kind of rearguard attacks as Stupak-Pitts. He is REALLY pro-choice in both word and deed.

Joe Hoeffel is for full marriage equality. Whether or not the legislature puts something on his desk, I want a Governor who recognizes that this is about discrimination and denying basic human rights, not some rational debate about fictional merits on both sides.

Brady Dale has been sharing important news about the Marcellus Shale - he spoke about it at Philly for Change last week too - and Joe is waaaay out in front of the other candidates in bringing attention to the issues around natural gas drilling and protecting the environment generally.

Basically, Joe Hoeffel is a real progressive, in the mold of what we call "Democrats" where I grew up in Massachusetts, and at least three of the four other candidates in the primary seem more like the people I always called "Republicans." He's also got the experience to back it up, and I think he's the best candidate to beat Corbett in the general - but that's a long way off. For now, I hope you'll check out and decide to help us this spring.

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