Congressman Fattah: Help Us Delegitmize Fox News

This post has nothing to do with the Mayor's race. But, I think, in our role in the local blog world, we can have a little impact here.

So, nationally, there has started to be some push back against Fox News. Fox is a partisan news channel, that gets GOP talking points every day (literally), and, for example, Rupert Murdoch openly said that he wanted Fox to push a pro-war agenda as we headed into Iraq. They do things like say that Barack Obama studied in a madrassa, they promoted the Kerry swiftboaters, and they generally help Republicans get out all of their lies.

In Nevada, there was a recent controversy, when Fox was chosen to host a Democratic presidential debate. Eventually, the plans were scuttled. Why? Because the last time fox had a Democratic debate, they basically asked "when was the last time you beat your wife" type questions, and then literally ut off the debate from TV, so they could have talking heads like the ultra-right wing Bill Bennett could slander Democrats. Anyway, grassroots Nevada Democrats won, and te state party backed off.

Now, however, snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, the Congressional Black Caucus Institute has decided to partner with Fox for two of its own debates. This is even more ludicrous. Fox continually spreads basically racist talking points (video below). The CBC Institute legitimizing Fox is flat out dumb, counterproductive, and dangerous.

So now, some national leaders, like Jesse Jackson, have asked that that the CBC institute back off: says CBC’s decision is “shamefully out of touch” with Black voters; launches national campaign calling on CBC to reverse course and for presidential candidates to reject Fox debate

Rev. Jesse Jackson today denounced the Congressional Black Caucus Institute’s planned presidential debate partnership with FOX. He called for yesterday’s decision to be reversed and for presidential candidates not to attend a FOX debate.

Jackson said, “I am disappointed by the Congressional Black Caucus Institute's partnership with FOX, and strongly encourage them to reverse that decision. Why would presidential candidates, or an organization that is supposed to advocate for Black Americans, ever give a stamp of legitimacy to a network that continually marginalizes Black leaders and the Black community? FOX moderating a presidential debate on issues of importance to Black Americans is literally letting the Fox guard the henhouse – FOX should be rejected.”

What is Jackson talking about? Well, for example, watch this video:

What does this have to do with Chaka Fattah? Well, pressure is starting to build on the CBC Institute. A member of the CBC coming out strongly against this will make a big difference. Before he potentially leaves Congress, Fattah can help lead nationally, and strongly, publicly ask the CBC Institute to stop partnering with and promoting a station that is clearly anti-Democrat, and anti-black.

Another Video

This one going after Obama:

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