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Young Philly Politics-

I started my campaign on December 11th by traveling throughout the city of Philadelphia with the message of hope and opportunity for all of us by working together to build a safer Philadelphia, block by block.

Now we are down to two weeks before we decide who the Democratic nominee for mayor of Philadelphia will be, and I believe now, just as I did then, that I will be the nominee if I have your help and your support in getting my message out to all the residents of Philadelphia.

In the next two weeks my campaign will need a lot of election workers to knock on doors, drive people to the polls, make phone calls, and be poll watchers to make sure we have a fair and inclusive election on May 15th. For those of you that support me here on Young Philly Politics, I hope that you will take the time to visit to sign up and help my campaign get out the vote on and before Election Day.

Like most Philadelphians, I know that many of you here on Young Philly Politics, like Alex and Dan Urevick-Ackelsberg, are still undecided about which mayoral candidate to vote for and that others here may be leaning toward me or perhaps another candidate. I would also like to say how much I appreciate how carefully you all have debated and examined the different candidates here; your passion for politics and public service is really what a democracy should be all about.

My campaign has always been about people—and this election is going to be determined by residents in this city like you. With only 14 days to go, the most popular candidate -- if you believe the polls -- is still “undecided,” so anything can happen between now and the 15th.

I hope that by reaching out to the people through my transit stops, meet and greets, forums, debates, my postings here on Young Philly Politics, and my live video webchats that you and the rest of the “undecideds” out there will support my campaign.

On Wednesday, May 2nd at 7pm I will be hosting a live video webchat with special guest moderator Wendell Young IV, President of the United Food and Commercial Workers Local 1776, to take your questions on job creation, education, public safety, or any number of topics that you want to discuss.

I hope that you and your friends and your family will join us on this webchat by clicking here to visit at 7pm.

Thank you again for your consideration, and I’ll see you on the chat!

Dwight Evans

P.S. My final webchat before Election Day will be on Wednesday, May 9th at 7pm.

P.P.S. If you cannot make tomorrow’s webchat and have a question for me, please leave your question in the comments section of this thread and we will try to answer it on the webchat.

Rep Evans- A couple

Rep Evans-

A couple questions:

1)You have talked about bringing Timoney back. Do you think he wants to be back? If he doesn't, what do we do next?

2)What qualities are you looking for in a school's CEO, and whether you are in Harrisburg or Philadelphia, what does Philadelphia need to do to get more funding for its schools? (OK, probably not answer there.)

3)You said, if I heard you right during the debate, that in addition to tax credits for private schools, you supported vouchers. Is that true? If so, how much would a voucher be for? Given the price and limited space of most of Philadelphia's private schools, would vouchers really make a difference for most Philly kids? (And, wouldn't they create a huge hole in the budget, when the kids currently going to Germantown Friends, etc., suddenly become eligible for them?)

Evans has been wrong on education

With all due respect and I do respect the man and find him to be a purposeful politician. I disagree with his policies and research demonstartes his positions have failed. For instance, three published research reports and one unpublished research report have concluded the Diverse Provider Model does not warrant extra funding. Mr. Evans continues to support this model because his campaign received over $65K from Educational Management Organizations, one in particular called Foundations. Mr. Evans says he favors competition, yet only Foundations is allowed to operate schools in Evans's District. It stinks of Pay to Play.
Mr. Evans participated in the state takeover of the Parking Authority which has been late in its payments to the School District. Mr. Evans's mother works for the Parking Authority. Mr. Evans has quietly built a patronage system bigger than Brady's. Maybe this is why they don't like each other.


Form 1023 - Recognition for Tax Exemption Under the Federal Revenue Code:

"The organization will not, as a substantial part of its activities, attempt to influence legislation (unless it elects to come under the provisions allowing certain lobbying expenditures) or participate to any extent in a political campaign for or against any candidate for public office."

As a non-profit, the organization is exempt from contributing to his campaign. I'm sure the organization isn't stupid enough to risk their tax-exempt status on a Mayoral primary campaign. And if you had done your homework, you'd recognize that the SRC gives EMO's control over which schools they take, not the state delegation. If you have issue with this, you may want to stop insulting Evans' integrity and just call the SRC office.

You want to keep pressing this, because this really is the only thing you can think to say about Evans on education. You can say that the state takeover was wrong. You can say that he shouldn't support vouchers or school choice because it hurts public schools. These are VALID criticisms of Dwight Evans' record on education and are certainly key in the debate on who is best poised to lead a city with a struggling school district. But when you want to start throwing these stupid accusations of impropriety, you are insulting one of Philadelphia's few genuine public servants, and you are flat out lying.

I support, but do not work or volunteer for Dwight Evans

The Fall 2006 edition of the

The Fall 2006 edition of the Notebook, a well known and respected education newspaper, lists contributions made by EMOs to various candidates. It shows Evans getting $65K. Only Foundations which coincidentally made $67K in donations is in Evans's area.

Now in less you can explain why only Foundations is in Evans's area, unles you can substantiate Evans did not recieve this money, then it is you who is guilty of allegationns or out right lying.


I’m gonna stop after this, because on the top ten list of asinine debates I’ve ever had, this is definitely near the top. Let’s start from the beginning:

1. The Notebook is neither well known, nor respected. It’s a glorified newsletter where scorned teachers and union heads have the opportunity to fire back at the District for their own closure and self-vindication. I get it… and it’s ok because some of them have good reason to be pissed. But just because someone writes it in a poorly constructed newspaper wannabe doesn’t make it true. Same goes for the Inky and DN, although they typically do research beforehand (but not always).

2. It’s against FEDERAL LAW for Foundations to donate. The IRS AUDITS them. Now members of Foundations may have given out of their own pockets, but that’s not pay to play. Many city administrators give to campaigns (including John Street donating to Fattah) and that’s neither illegal nor unethical.

3. There is No Pay-to-Play, because Foundations is NOT FOR PROFIT. I’m not sure why you aren’t getting this point yet. THEY DON’T MAKE ANY MONEY! What they get paid by the District goes to operating costs, and then the remainder goes back into the school. The salaries of employees are monitored by the IRS annually. This isn’t some Halliburton-esque scenario, despite this unnecessarily bizarre scenario you’ve concocted that makes Dwight look like the War-Lord of NW Philly. The reason there is no “competition” is because there is no one profiting, it’s a community development organization, whereas Edison exists solely to profit from education management, hence the “for-profit” classification.

4. Foundations has a specific interest in NW Philly because a lot of their social programs are based there (which of course, they don’t make money from. Why? Because they are a…. you guessed it! Non-profit!) Why don’t you go visit their website if you want to learn more? If Foundations schools were specifically performing lower than any of the other EMO schools, then there would be specific grounds to question their role. But they are at the same levels as Edison, and are not making any money off of it. I'd also like to add that not all of Foundations' schools are in Dwight's district. Some of them are in Rep. Myers's district.

5. The School Reform Commission decides who gets what schools. Dwight is not a member of the SRC, nor has he ever been. The SRC reports to the Governor, not Dwight Evans. Obviously this issue seems to be keeping you up at night, so I suggest you go to an SRC meeting and ask them yourself if you are so concerned about an evil nonprofit infiltrating a community with their horrible afterschool programs and outrageously offensive pre-kindergarten information campaigns.

You are trying desperately to turn something irrelevant into scandal, and it’s crap. While I’ll admit that the Michael Nutter euphoria on this blog is at times a bit nauseating, it has always been substantive and meaningful… up until recently. You do him no service by slinging this stuff around.

I support, but do not work or volunteer for Dwight Evans

Ugh responded

You seem to think that because they are labeled non profit they don't have money. Are you for real? Are you denying Foundations has donated over $65K to various candidates? Are you denying Evans received over $65K from EMOs?
Are you denying Evans supports EMOs which research proves do not work?

Look, your the one who is biased here. I actually Like Evans as a person but disagree with his policies. You raised the anti with your allegations. Now your telling us Foundations broke a federal law by giving money to Evans and other candidates. So if the story in the Notebook is true, which has been out for six months and denied by no one, did Evans break any federal laws by accepting the money?

Yes, Dwight doesn't work for the SRC, he just help engineer the takeover. He's only on the appropriations committee which which funds the SRC. But I'm sure you believe there is no way Dwight can peddle influenc there. I mean after all, its not like he tried to get his mom a job there like he did at the Parking authority. Now you can't deny that can you?

Dwight Evans

Dwight's campaign at this point is moot. The guy is a gentleman and an effective legislator and I regret the tone my recent comments took. I was reacting to being called a liar, a charge I believe I have adequatly responded to.

At this point a vote for Evans is a wasted vote. Put the votes to his good friend Michael Nutter, whom Evans admits has ability, and that's why Evans takes credit for putting Nutter in charge of the Convention Center: A job which Nutter performed admirably. Nutter effectively brought jobs to our city, increased the city as a destination site which created even more jobs, which in turn expands personal spending creating more jobs, and thereby bringing in more revenue to the city.

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