Growing the Revenue Pie

On Wednesday, educators, students, advocates for women and domestic violence victims, faith groups and others delivered pies to all 253 of our state lawmakers in Harrisburg. Yes, pies.

The event, organized by the Better Choices for Pennsylvania Coalition, brought this group together to deliver a simple message to lawmakers: Grow the state's revenue pie by closing tax loopholes and ending special interest tax breaks. A cuts-only budget is going to hurt middle-class families and drive up local property taxes.

Below the fold is a 4-minute video highlighting the best of the speakers to join us for the Capitol press conference. Take a few minutes to watch it — then check out the Better Choices web site to learn how you can help send a message to your lawmakers about growing the revenue pie.

growing revenue from predatory gambling

This is a great post and I agree with it. I just wish the non-partisan Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center had come out against growing revenue by expanding predatory gambling. If I'm incorrect, I'll be happy to be shown the evidence; but, if I am correct, I'll remain disappointed. A while ago, a certain fellow contributor to this blog explained to me his view, which I belatedly now understand, that state-promoted predatory gambling is not much more than a symptom of both a failed tax policy and dishonest budgeting. The sooner public policy think-tanks of all stripes publicly admit this point the sooner we'll stop preying on the weakness of fellow citizens to defray paying our fair share of taxes. At present, there is a simmering public debate on whether Philly should get a second casino. Where do all the various think tankers stand on that question?

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