Have You Signed the Letter to Mayor Street Yet?

If you have not read and signed the letter to ask Mayor Street to leave behind a progressive legacy, please click here.

The letter to the Mayor Street asks him to enact the simple and practical legacy ideas that Philly for Change members have proposed to expand access to healthcare, clean up our city, and help house more homeless families before he leaves office on January.

If you want to join Philly for Change members at tables at high-traffic locations to get even more people to sign the letter, click here to look at dates and sign up for one.

I like to blog with the best of them, but until more of us get out on the streets and talk to people who are not plugged in to politics and have no sense of hope that change is possible...well, nothing is ever going to get better. Please consider signing the letter and volunteering some of your time to help get others to do the same.

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