Health Care Reform: What you do in the next few days could make the difference.

All the work we have been doing to create a guarantee of quality affordable health care for all is coming to a point: The House vote on HR 3962, the Affordable Health Care for America Act is scheduled to take place this Saturday, November 7 at around 6:00 pm.

The vote will be close. We don't know whether we it will pass or not.

It really depends on you. Three members of Congress in Pennsylvania--Jason Altmire, Chris Carney, and Paul Kanjorski--undecided. If we can get more of their constituents to call them, they would be more likely to decide in favor of reform.

Can you take part in phone banking with us from the convenience of your own home?

We will be using a new computerized system called Activate to do phone banking that will connect you with constituents quickly without worrying answering machines or unanswered calls. Then you can immediately patch the people you talk to through to the office of the member of Congress.

Training conference calls on the system will take place:

Friday November 6 at 4:30 pm and 6:30 pm.
Saturday, November 7 at 10:00 am; 12:00 am, and 3:00 pm.

Call in at 712 451-6000 and use the passcode 275893#.

Once you are trained on the system you can use it at any time. We are encouraging calling from 4:30 to 8:50 pm on Friday and from 10:00 am until a vote is held on Saturday. If the vote is delayed past Saturday evening, we will continue from 10:00 am until 8:50 pm on Sunday and Monday.

If you want to join a group of phone bankers in Philadelphia, you can. {hone banking will take place today, Thursday and tomorrow Friday, starting at 5:10 pm and Saturday from 10:00 am to the vote that evening at the Philadelphia Unemployment Project at 112 N. Broad Street. Prizes and pizza will be provided.

On Sunday, phone banking will be from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm at the UFCW Local 1776 office, 3031 A Walton Road - Suite 201 in Plymouth Meeting.

To RSVP, If you have questions or if the SEPTA strike has made it hard for you to get to one of these phone banks, contact Athena Ford at 570) 760-1828 or for a ride.

Please help us in the next few days. Nothing we do in Pennsylvania can have a greater impact on determining if this long campaign leads to the progressive reform we all so badly want.

Re: Health Care Reform: What you do in the next few days could m

The bill passed by House of Representatives about health care reform is making them more affordable. Medical expenses are a real pain, and believe it or not, they are the leading cause of bankruptcy. However – there is a way to save money on medical expenses. Try negotiating with the hospital over care. It actually works, and works well – you can save up to 60% in some cases. If it takes talking to the hospital or HMO CFO, it's worth the effort, and of the people who try it, up to 93% report a successful negotiation at some point in time. Discussing payment with the billing department might save you a bit too, and they might even have a prompt pay discount. Hard to believe you can actually save money on medical expenses.

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