Help Save Philadelphia's History - The President's House

As many of know, there has been an amazing archeological dig at 6th and Market. This was the second White House which was built in 1790 - after NYC. What is so incredible is how well preserved the foundation of the old structure was found. The privys and the two wells have been a treasure trove of history. Perhaps the most astounding thing uncovered was the hidden passages which allowed Martha Custis Washington's slaves to move about unseen. George Washington's wealth came from his wife. It should be noted that Washington would return the slaves to Virginia before six months was up, otherwise under the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the slaves would become free. The most famous of the slaves was the cook Hercules. The passage way is a clear indication that the Washingtons were embarrassed by the presence of their slaves.

Here's the problem: The contract for the dig calls for the hole to be refilled in July, so a Visitors Center can be built on the site. The juxtoposition of slavery and liberty makes this a site far too important a site to cover with dirt. Please contact your representitives from all levels of government and request that they all work together to find a way to preserve this fantastic find.

This site is being visited 50 to 1 over the Liberty Bell. I recommend that you take the time to visit the site personally. When you see folks (black and white) leaving the site, they're leaving with a heartfealt connection with this exciting piece of history. Also, there's a web site that shows the site 24 hrs a day on video.

Please help preserve this important historical place of Philadelphia's history.

Treasure Trove


I don't actually know what color the building was, but I was speaking metaphorically.

Please go down and visit this amazing site at 6th and Market Street. I feel that this dig must be preserved and I'm hoping that people on YPP will join me in trying to preserve this archeological find.

Thank you.

That's A Fair Point

Point made!

Please take some time to see the site. presidentshouse/

For the full history of the President's House, Washington's slaves, info on the dig and proposed memorial, visit

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