Whatever happened to the power of positive thinking?

All my life I was disgusted with and at times fought positive hype, Norman Vincent Peale, Dale Carnegie, and Third Parties claiming they are going to win instead of getting clout and permanent ballot access to win in future elections. Now suddenly I feel more positive than many around me and see hope at this point of being a positive catalyst for change.

Two months ago there was dread, not hope, that the poor wouldn’t vote or wouldn’t be allowed to, or be swayed to vote against their interests by shady campaign ads, and fear that blacks, Hispanics and young people in general would stay home, The hate movie of Prophet Mohammed as a porn star was feared to lead to massive tit for tat revenge killings, But Ambassador Chris Stevens’ relatives and the relatives of the other Americans killed in Benghazi emphatically spoke out against using their loved one’s deaths to spread hate, Ironically and sadly Buddhists and Muslims in far off Burma engaged in tit for tat revenge killings.

Suddenly, elsewhere, there was a massive realization that those who hysterically warn of danger are often the one’s who are actually baiting it, as those US politicians warning of a Muslim danger lost in the November election.

Also losing were two right-wing Miami Cubans. Orthodox Jews used to be in the habit of voting Republican, so much for the 5th column accusations. Those who thought gay marriage and pot would destroy the nation once voted without fail in every pertinent election. The Republican base didn’t pull through, or is in taters.

Counsel for a Liveable World candidates won most of their races. Kathy Boockvar didn’t qualify for their endorsement, but progressive Eastern Pennsylvania was heart broken. However Mike Fitzpatrick campaigned under the theme he, not Kathy, would end Obama’s wars. Let’s make him prove it.

In Nevada Shelley Barkley, despite the Council’s endorsement, was campaigning as a hawk, In Arizona Senator Richard Carmona, lost the Senate race to Jeff Flake, the US representative who fights the hardest against the embargo of Cuba.

Change has already occurred in Congress if we would only notice. Congress despite a vow the contrary didn’t withhold US UN funding when Palestine received a partial seat in the UN. The rights of US citizens accused of terror, to a trial, and not drone attack has been affirmed thanks to Rand Paul who also wants to vote with progressives on cutting the military budget. So do the eight new Ron Paul Supported candidates in the House. Lets pick a base such as in Germany, an expensive cold war type fighter jet, and the embargo of Cuba to end today. Lets at first work with the libertarians before we have to fight with them, trying to keep foreign policy waste on the front burner.

The Latin community if Philadelphia is still in a celebratory mood, perhaps policy toward Latin American can be mixed into Dream Act advocacy.

Locally it is important to do something in response to the change in the national spirit.

I just want to interject that I hope others add their ideas and notice any mistakes. For instance I with the help of my spellchecker, replacing words, managed to spell Kathy Boockvar as Boockar and didn’t notice it to after first posting it. Please note and point it if I did something similar again.

Kansas Senator Jerry Moran used to fight the embargo of Cuba when it comes to agricultural products, now he wants the agricultural embargo to continue and be strengthened until Alan Gross is released from Cuban jail, despite Alan’s wife Judy calling for compromise to get her husband home. The Obama administration wants or at one point wanted Alan Gross exchanged for Rene Gonzale a member of the Cuban 5 who is at the end of his sentence and is now serving three years probation in Miami. Cuba wants the entire Cuban 5 exchanged for Alan Gross. They once had 52 mostly prisoners of conscience to return for the Cuban 5, but in case any noticed Cuba is still a Catholic country, so the church arranged for exile in Spain instead of the 52 plus Alan Gross being sent to America in exchange for the Cuban 5. Alan Gross’s real crime or real dilemma is being Jewish not Catholic.

Judy Gross said:
“He is a pawn of these very radical right-wing Cuba haters, for lack of a better word, who don’t want to see any changes happen, even to get Alan home,” Scrawl down right past connect with us on Twitter,


The Obama’s position is or was as follows,

An interesting note Cuba is not going to require exit visas after November 14, It would be wonderful is we could save Medicare since some Social Security recipients are already retiring to Mexico to stretch their Social Security Check to retire to low crime Cuba to save Medicare.

To step back a moment it is really raw that so many people are in prison for no good reason. President Obama has some kind of phobia against pardoning anything but turkeys and expunging a sentence long since served.

The rawest example is the imprisonment of Governor Don Sigelman for appointing clearly the most qualified candidate for a non paid position who happened to be also a campaign contributor. If President Kennedy wasn’t shot, and Bush and Karl Rove followed Kennedy in office, President Kennedy would still be in jail today for appointing Robert Kennedy Attorney General. But Obama is President and worrying about worse under Romney is history. Let’s put pressure him to release all political prisoners, being a road block in quickly ending the financial cliff if need be.

Governor Sigelman should be first because that case has to most traction,

To change the subject, ignoring constitutional issues, led to Kathy Boockvar not getting elected partly because her husband was once the lawyer for Veronica Jones a witness in the Mumia Abu-Jamal trial,
The right of a lawyer to defend a client is supposed to be an integral part of our system of justice unless those who voted against Kathy for that reason unconsciously would prefer Sharia Law.

All in all, there are so many things to work to stop spending on including unnecessary jail time instead of narrowly only trying to stop the attempt to save money by gutting Social Security.

This little corner of America isn’t the place with the most to celebrate but it is a place where we can start making a difference.

Not going over the financial cliff mustn’t be our top focus, or ignoring national politics looking only local.

PS .Anyone with clout with Mike Fitzpatrick help him prove his campaign rhetoric that he is better at stopping Obama’s wars than Kathy would be.

If this post is important in January, Reader Supported News keeps comments active,


An ironic post considering my past opposition to positive thinking,



Which is more important hot button issues now or Peace&Survival

If we aren’t willing to help those we disagree with on hot button issues stand up for cutting defense waste the US wont have a future for social issue to matter. I quote the following:

“ Libertarian star Amash suggested that a willingness to put defense cuts on the table was behind his and Huelskamp’s removal from the Budget Committee, as well as Arizona Rep. David Schweikert and North Carolina Rep. Walter Jones’ removal from the . . . ”

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2012/12/04/purged-conservative-reps-boehner-plann...

Lively discussion on Another Site

There was lively discussion elsewhere of my suggestions of Libertarians,Greens and Liberal Democrats make joint efforts to drastically reduce military spending.

My emails and calls to Senator Casey get a generic response, please some others let's try to see Casey together,

Besides cutting the military there is

We may stop a disaster for a year but without slashing the Military, a disaster will still come in a few years or less.

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