At least Philadelphia Politicians still care about workers -- city leg on prevailing wages for service workers

Go, Councilman Jim Kenney. He's trying to pass a bill that would force developers that get help from the city to pay their service workers a prevailing wage.

The bill would require some developers in the city to pay their service workers a prevailing wage. It would apply only to those developers who get financial assistance from the city - in the form of the 10-year tax abatement, for example - and only to residential developments with 25 or more units and office buildings with more than 25,000 square feet of space.

I love it. These jobs can't go overseas after all, though I'm sure some on here will panic that it's just one more reason not to locate inside the city. Oh well. Look, lawmakers have to address this fact: just because a worker is highly replaceable doesn't mean he doesn't add a high level of value. A good custodian is just critical, and we're all better off if we show them how much we prize them.

Let's hear it for politicians on the lookout for working men and women!

Plus, I think it is fair

Plus, I think it is fair tying it to financial assistance. It isn't like they are hitting all business.

"If we're going to help you, you're going to help us."

The question is, how do they determine the prevailing wage?
Staff member of Longacre for 5th Council District.

Great stuff

Companies that get some assistance from the government should be held to a higher standard. This is a great piece of legislation and I hope it passes. Nice job Kenney!


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