National Constitution Center Welcomes Popular Blogger Tom DeLay

I was absolutely shocked when I noticed that Tom DeLay was coming to the tax-payer funded National Constitution Center to promote his new book Being Evil for Dummies No Retreat, No Surrender. I mean, check out the event description on the Constitution Center's site:

Former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay was one of the most powerful Congressional figures since Lyndon B. Johnson. For the first time, Tom DeLay will visit the National Constitution Center to discuss his new memoir, No Retreat, No Surrender, offering us a look at how politics is really played at the highest levels. Ramesh Ponnuru, a senior editor at the National Review, moderates the conversation.

Known in the media as “The Hammer,” Tom DeLay emerged from an unusually turbulent childhood that included some years living in Venezuela, through the Texas legislature, to represent the Houston suburbs in the U.S. Congress. Following the historic Republican Party victory in 1994, DeLay was elected House Majority Whip by his colleagues. Recognized for his exceptional political acumen, DeLay managed to win votes in the House that others initially thought were lost. DeLay served as an adept House Majority Leader before his abrupt resignation in 2006. In addition to publishing No Retreat, No Surrender, Mr. DeLay launched the Coalition for a Conservative Majority and maintains a popular blog.

Forget for the moment that Mr. Delay's "exceptional political acumen" included things like money laundering and getting bribed to exempt a U.S. Commonwealth from crazy liberal working standards, like protecting female workers from being forced to have abortions, or paying people for work (slavery is definitely a lot kinder to the bottom line). Never mind that Delay's "adept" term as House Majority Leader included taking the lead on such family value items as keeping Internet Gambling legal and purging D.C. of Democrats. Leave aside the possibility that DeLay has never read the Constitution. Did you know that Tom DeLay was a blogger? And that his blog was popular?

There's no word on the site about whether Delay's ghost writer will make an appearance, but I am glad to see that see that this event is being moderated by that raging liberal Ramesh Ponnuru. I'm sure it will be a fair and balanced presentation about how Democrats want to recruit you to be gay, force women to have abortions, and make America into a French-speaking Islamo-Fascist state. Should be a great time!

If anyone goes, can you ask Mr. Delay how that Conservative Majority is doing?

Tom DeLay's former life

I find it rather ironic that Tom DeLay's career before entering politics was as an exterminator. This is ironic, in that his time in Congress left it in greater need of an exterminator than when he arrived.

Thinking of people like DeLay (or Shrub, or Dick Chaney) put me in mind of Ambrose Bierce's 3 types of homicide: felonious, justifiable, and praiseworthy.

I'm just sayin',

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