New Podcast: The Legislator and the Agitator, with Rep. Tony Payton and Brady Russell

Tony Payton for State Rep

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The Legislator and the Agitator. Rep. Payton and I were talking recently about the lack of podcasts about Pennsylvania politics. We're both pretty involved in it in our own way, so we had the idea of starting our own podcast. The intent is to give the inside and the outside perspective of two people working on the same political side. This is our first episode. In the future, we'll go more into each other's background and also try to spend more time talking about how we do what we do.

This first podcast is pretty topical, though. Show notes below. It's a little under an hour, but divided into four main segments, of about 15 minutes each. In other words, we have your next four walks to/from work covered. Fire up that Ipod, Pennsylvania!

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Show notes:

Recorded at Brady Russell's home in North Philadelphia's Fairhill neighborhood on Sunday, November 11th.

First episode of the Legislator and the Agitator

1. Introduction by Admiral Politico and Hosts, Rep. Tony Payton and Brady Russell

2. The Prescription for Pennsylvania, rough outline of what it does and a call to the legislature to move on it.

3. Rep. Payton's House Bill 1722, to create college scholarships for Pennsylvania high school graduates.

4. The Philadelphia Parking Authority, comments on the lack of transparency and lack of funding to the Philadelphia school system, with general grousing about parking and some comments on the community of North Philadelphia.

5. The elections. Nutter won. Big support. What's his deal with taxes? The courts are important. Go Maria Quinones-Sanchez.

6. Closing.

We're hoping to start doing the show every couple of weeks. Please let us know what you think. We want to evolve in an actual format and etc, but we are not there yet.

An Excellent Idea

I think the combination the two of you will create more interest than either one of you alone, and should help focus more attention on the vast amount of unfinished business in the state capitol and other arenas of government.

Thanks, Rep. Cohen!

Once Rep. Payton and I figure out what we're doing and get a format together, we may have to ask you to come on and talk about your piece of North Philadelphia with us!

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