President Judge C Darnell Jones II should be elected for the Pennsylvania Supreme Court

... and he should've been endorsed by the State Democratic Party... but thats a different topic....

In response to the question on the selection of judges, the answer is 'YES', judges should be elected, particularly for the higher courts. While I agree that the process of electing judges could be improved, I appreciate the fact that the responsibility of ensuring the election of the most qualified candidates is incumbent on each and every one of us; and of the PA Supreme Court candidates none is more qualified than President Judge C Darnell Jones II.

If you had to ask yourself what qualifications you expect from a Supreme Court Justice, what would you come up with? Judicial Experience? Intellectual soundness? Respect of his/her peers?

President Judge Darnell Jones has all that and more!

He has over thirty years of extensive legal and judicial experience. Starting out as a public defender in Philadelphia (where he became the Chief of the Family Courts), before being appointed to the bench by then Gov. Casey. Since then he has presided over more than a thousand cases and written over a thousand opinions. He is a nationally recognized expert on Evidence and Capital Case law and was recently selected as one of America's top 500 judges. Intellectual Soundness? Not only does he teach law students as an adjunct law professor at the very prestigious University of Pennsylvania, he also teaches state trial judges and U.S. Military judges Death Penalty Litigation and Evidence as a senior faculty member of the National Judicial College. Additionally, he has been commissioned by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court to teach Pennsylvania Common Pleas judges Death Penalty Jurisprudence. He certainly has the respect of his peers as evidenced by them electing him President Judge of the First Judicial District - Court of Common Pleas, which encompasses all of Philadelphia County. The Pennsylvania Bar Association also gave him the distinguished rating of “highly recommended” to serve on the state’s highest court.

I could go on and on about his qualifications, but you can easily read about them yourself at his campaign site

For me, the reason why I support and volunteer for his candidacy is his character. As a good friend of his daughter, it always amazes me when in public we run into people of all sorts of backgrounds, and upon their realization of who her father is, they proceed to tell of their experiences in his courtroom (defendants, lawyers, members of the jury, peers etc.), the end result always being "your father is a very just and fair man"!

In this day and age, when everyone is talking about reform of Pennsylvania state government, and courts. It makes sense that a man who 20 years ago was handpicked as one of late Gov. Casey's Reform Judges to reform the Philadelphia Courts, would be up to the task of reforming Pennsylvania Courts. Only difference is this time around, you and I have to do the picking.

I ask that YPP endorse President Judge C Darnell Jones II for the PA Supreme Court, and each and every one of you vote for him in the May 15 Democratic Primary.

Thanks for the post about

Thanks for the post about Judge Jones. I have generally heard good things about him.

His ruling in Tony Payton's case was a little strange though (and overturned).

Tony Payton Case

Yeah, I thought his ruling on the Tony Payton case was off the wall too. However, I'd never let one bad case overshadow an entire career of accomplishment. Judge Jones is a good man with more than 30 years of service.

I am more impressed that Judge Jones started with the Public Defender's office right here in Philadelphia. I am always more inclined to vote for a judge who comes from a public interest background; someone who knows what it's like to represent the poor community. We don't get too many judges like that.

With that said, don't forget to vote for Joyce Eubanks for Common Pleas Judge. She has spent 30 years as a Public Defender in the Philadelphia state office and the federal office.

I agree. And having a

I agree. And having a public interest lawyer on the PA SC seems like a damn good idea. I am interested in learning more about him.

Judge Jones is an excellent

Judge Jones is an excellent jurist. While his ruling in the Payton case may be odd, I have been in front of him and he is an absolute pleasure.

In fact, it was during my first week of practice that my firm was handling a bid protest for a City construction job. Judge Jones picked up on the issues immediately and issued a well-reasoned ruling.

Bounced Back Up

I should have put this up before. I am interested in hearing more about Judge Jones and his campaign, and I suspect we may jump on board to help spread the word.

CDJ Campaign

You can find out about Judge Jones' campaign at his website If you'd like any additional information please shoot me an email @
We would really appreciate YPP jumping on board and helping spread the word about this campaign.


I'm in.

PBA ratings

Pennsylvania Bar Association ratings (for two vacancies):

Supreme Court of Pennsylvania -
Highly Recommended
Judge C. Darnell Jones II, Philadelphia County
[Republican] Judge Maureen Lally-Green, Butler County
[Republican] Judge Paul P. Panepinto, Philadelphia County
Judge Debra Todd, Allegheny County

[Republican] Judge Michael L. Krancer, Montgomery County
Judge Seamus P. McCaffery, Philadelphia County

Not Recommended
Judge Willis W. Berry Jr., Philadelphia County

Judge C. Darnell Jones II, Philadelphia County
Rating: Highly Recommended

The Candidate is president judge of the Court of Common Pleas of Philadelphia County and has been a member of this court since 1987. Prior to serving as a judge, he was an attorney at the Defender Association of Philadelphia. His administrative qualities have been demonstrated through his service as chair of the Administrative Governing Board for the First Judicial District and his former service as chief of the family division of the Defender Association. The candidate has excellent writing skills and has authored more than 120 opinions. He has presided over hundreds of jury and bench trials. The Candidate is a nationally-recognized judicial expert in matters of criminal law. He enjoys the respect of his peers and an excellent reputation in the legal and social community. The Candidate is extremely hard working, intellectually curious and is a dedicated, dependable community servant. The Commission believes that the Candidate has the experience, temperament, intellectual ability, character, life experiences and integrity necessary for outstanding service as a Justice of the Supreme Court. He is highly recommended for this position.

I support Michael Nutter for Mayor.

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