This shouldn't be your legacy Mr. Governor

Education? A worthwhile legacy. Gambling? Not so much.

And as PA faces down a multi-billion deficit, when it's second biggest revenue generator was gambling proceeds, one has to wonder who exactly is the "simpleton" here. Check out the clip below for 60 Minutes show this Sunday, which touches on predatory gambling and our former governor's inexplicable addiction to it.

I might even watch that junk

I always thought 60 Minutes was a cartoon show for adults, but I think I'll watch it Sunday.
Rendell and other Democrats like Deval Patrick. always freak when labelled "tax and spenders", so they think the hidden tax on the poor and desperate that is gambling would avoid scrutiny. Seems like Leslie Stahl hit a nerve! Thank you Helen.

Joshua Vincent
Phree Philly

And that's not all

Our elected officials (on City Council and in the state legislature) should hold hearings on the addictive nature of slots machines. If you are an elected official reading this blog, will you hold these hearings? Will you bring in experts? Will you allow the public to testify? Will you issue subpoenas? Will you work with many of us to raise public awareness about this issue?

And if you are a candidate for either local or state office, will you pledge to hold these hearings, if elected? That would be a major reason for many of us to support you, especially if the incumbents continue to be cowards on this issue.

Philadelphia is the largest city in the country with casino gambling.

If you think this is a addiction , you have more worse problems

If you think gambling is a major problem in this city, you really dont watch the news. No one is forcing anyone to walk into these parlors. No one is telling or making you put that dollar into that machine. You can't compare this to drugs or any other major addiction we are faced with.

Junior Williams

how do you think it happens?

Do you think that people decide to become addicted to gambling?

No, casinos do not force anyone to visit their facilities; although our State and City governments certainly encourage it. As allowed by law, they send out mass mailings containing $50 "free play" vouchers. And in the case of SugarHouse, they run a free bus service that will pick you up from your neighborhood and transport you to the casino for free []. Casinos then provide free drinks and easy credit -- and, really, shouldn't all your financial decisions be made after having a few drinks?

But back to my question, do you think that people choose to become addicts?

Can you at least agree with me that government should not actively encourage gambling on highly addictive machines?

The City doesn't promote crack-cocaine

That's the difference between gambling and other addictions. The City, and the rich who might have to pay their fair share of taxes if the City didn't profit from the gambling itch, wants you to be addicted to slot machines.

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