Site Issues

Some time in the next few hours our server's ip address will be switched. The current ip address that our server uses is associated with a SPAM account, and so a good chunk of the e-mails that get sent from the site get returned, making it very difficult for new people to sign up, for users to retrieve passwords, etc. So, if you come to the site and you get an error of some sort, please try to hard refresh your browser (shift + refresh) or come back a bit later. If you have any ongoing issues please e-mail me. We hope that this resolves any mail issues we're having and apologize for any problems before or during the switch.

Update: The switch seems to have gone off without a hitch. I did notice that a few comments made it onto the server with the old ip, and not the new one. If you made a comment and it disappeared, please send me an e-mail asap and I'll try to find it on the old server. But- they are only giving me about 12 more hours to grab stuff from the old site, so hurry!

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