Tell Senator Specter to strengthen SCHIP!

This is courtesy of an e-mail from PICO, the Pacific Institute for Community Organizing, an affiliate of EPOP.

This week, in the shadow of a veto threat from President Bush, the Senate will vote on a bi-partisan bill to provide health coverage to more than 4 million uninsured low-income children, including tens of thousands in Pennsylvania. By any measure these are the least among us, and they need our compassion, and our voice.

Senator Specter's vote will be important to passage of strong legislation to renew the State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP).

Please call Senator Specter's Washington, DC office today using PICO's toll free number at 877-367-5235.

Tell Senator Specter that you want him to vote to strengthen SCHIP. The bi-partisan bill in the Senate would bring $94 million to Pennsylvania in new funding for children's health next year. SCHIP has been a good and successful program, reducing the rate of uninsured children by one-third over the past decade. Now Congress needs to make sure Pennsylvania has the resources to help cover more uninsured children.

Visit for more information.

PICO National Network

Thanks for all you do.

Specter's Sorry Record

This is a real test for the senator. He usually mouths a moderate position but then votes consistently with the RW Republican position.

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