Things I am sick of already...

I live in the First District, and, I am completely sick of the Fumo-Dougherty-Dicker-Farnese race already. The race has already brought out the worst in everyone. For a while, this site avoided the really nasty stuff that has gone elsewhere... but, now with petition challenges and the like, it looks like we are being yanked down there, as well.

Luckily, this is not a Democracy. There are plenty of places to go on the internet if you want to gossip about petitions, accuse people of fraud and the like. However, Young Philly Politics is not that site.

In terms of both this race, and Tony's, wake me up when we know who is on the ballot. Until then, forget it. There are plenty of substantive issues to talk about, and Young Philly Politics will not be the dumping ground for hacks to log on for the sole purpose of dumping their crap. As I said to our most recent 'newcomer,' we have been down this road before.

A lot of important things are happening in the City. Let's talk about them instead.

Bored with the politics

Perhaps there are many other more important issues in the city.
But you should realize what is happening, a candidate is attempting to run one of the most powerful Senatorial District seats in PA, and is doing so by comitting petition fraud.
I don't live in the 1st, thankfully, but it would concern me if he gets on the ballot, never know, what if he wins, what kind of representation could you expect from him then?
Good luck to all those in the 1st, you need it.

The above post, the 'lets

The above post, the 'lets talk about something else,' wasn't really a suggestion, hence the Democracy thing...

When a Court orders someone off the ballot, let us know.

Laurie, yes, thanks for

Laurie, yes, thanks for calling me a DICtator. Very, very clever. I actually have called myself a dictator many times, but you cleverly capitalized certain letters, to give it a whole second meaning.

Like I said, we have been down this road, and now that you have violated yet another basic community norm, it has been real.

OCR *so* much better than YPP

God, is Old Communist Russia taken? I would start that blog today. Who's with me?

Dan as dictator? Not a chance.

I've disagreed w/Dan on more than one occasion in my posts, + he's never responded by deleting them. All in all, the atmosphere on YPP can get intense, but there's a general level of respect for each other. That being said, though, if your ego can't handle a little bruising, perhaps YPP isn't the place for you.


One of the rare times Dan

One of the rare times Dan and I are in agreement.

Which brings up another point related to this whole OCR thing, I'm probably Exh A when it comes to showing that YPP maintains a fairly open site. Somehow I've never been banned from YPP despite what sometimes appears to be complete and utter ideological disagreement with the moderators. They even banned my blog from appearing in the blogroll. Hell, one of them even accused me of libel - considering all the stuff that's going on in the 1st, Ray was so ahead of the curve on that one!!!

All that said, they never banned me from posting/commenting to YPP. So in other words, you've got to be a real ass to get banned from here.

Well, let's just agree not to vote for FUMO

I'm not a shill for any of the campaigns, but I am progressive enough to make my own tee-shirt to wear when I go to the primary ballot.

I'm twisting my nipples right now just thinking about how many people are going to vote for someone with a 141 count indictment over their head.

Pregnancy test?

Obama is gonna have my baby.

Not to go too far off the rails, but BTW, the NYT is now running an OpEd that thinks out of all the candidates, Obama is the most libertarian (little L) out of the bunch. Anyone, including yours truly, who is GLBT should pay attention to that.

In Soviet Russia...

*With bad Russian accent* "In Soviet Russia, government puts its hands over your ears and yells lalalalalala for you."

I figured the sometimes humor-challenged readership of this blog would really enjoy a good Yakoff Smirnoff reference (it's tough to pull off a Gallagher reference in writing).

Edited to say: this should be up above the OCR post, but I'm a moron.

My favorite Stalinist joke

"What is capitalism? The exploitation of man by man. Then what is communism? Exactly the reverse!"

The best part about it is that it is oddly sweet. Ah, Ostalgie.

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