12 new CC divisions this Fall - should progressives run for those committee seats?

So according to today's Clout column the 5th ward has gained population and will have 12 new committee person seats created this Fall.

Mike Boyle, the ward's Democratic leader, sat down with the City Commissioners months before last week's primary election to remedy the situation. They try to keep divisions from growing larger than 1,200 voters.

Working with Republican leaders, they decided to break up three crowded divisions, making them into three new divisions each - for a total of nine.

They are the 16th division in Old City, the 13th division in Chinatown and the 9th division, which hugs the east side of Broad Street. That plan will be implemented this summer, which means many of the 9,400 voters from those divisions will have new polling places for November's general election.

On top of getting that organized, Boyle and his Republican colleagues have some recruiting to do. The new divisions each need two committee people - 12 new posts for each party - and five-member election boards - another 30 posts to fill.

Should progressive groups concentrate on trying to recruit folks to run for those newly created and hence, wide open, seats? Why or why not?

I'm assuming elections for these new seats will be open to voters this fall.

I think the 5th is a pretty

I think the 5th is a pretty progressive Ward, and at the same time it's an interesting mix of allegiances and alliances. So I think it's a great opportunity for progressives to build support within this growing ward, and at the same time to engage productively with folks who don't identify as progressives.


Yeah its not a "take over" situation

it's much more of a "get involved and get engaged" situation, which makes it a unique opportunity.
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Yes, the 5th is pretty progressive.

Yes, it's a good opportunity to engage with Democrats who don't identify as progressive.

Yes, definitely, progressives should run for all 12 committee seats if possible.

And the map of the effected divisions


Not to stir the pot too much but I did happen to notice that two of them directly border that new "Casino Entertainment District" and the other is very close by. Wonder how that will play into who decides to collect signatures to run.

BTW - for folks who are seriously interested in running here's a link to some of the folks you might be interested in having a chat with about your intentions from the Committee of 70. The committee people are listed in the pdf at the bottom of the page
MrLuigi, my cat, actually only types half as badly as I do.


Not if they want to raise the wage tax, i.e. commit financial suicide for Philadelphia.

I'm not sure why you would assume that

but the reason these three divisions have gained so much population they need to trifurcate like single cell organisms would appear to be from the large number of new condo conversions, particularly in the Old City section.

Chinatown no doubt has gained population as well especially in those two new highrises on 9th but I would bet that loft conversions on the north side of Arch St. also play a factor in the rise in voter population there as well.

Not sure how those demographics play out in terms of views on the wage tax but, for better or worse, a disporportionate number of the folks in these new divisions likely benefit personally from the 10-year tax abatement, I would assume. This is group likely to have a large number of younger professionals, fairly educated and envrionmentally conscious, people who have lived in other cities and perhaps have a different idea of how transparency in city government should work than some Philly natives do. Politically progressive but probably more likely "Young Involved Philadlephia" progressive than sterotypical Mt. Airy progressive if that makes sense at all.

At least that would be my speculative read on the population growth in an area where a whole lot of old industrial and some old office buildings have been recently converted to condos.

MrLuigi, my cat, actually only types half as badly as I do.


In order to change this city we need to working on making progress both inside and outside of the official Democratic structure. We should absolutely encourage progressives to join the 5th ward committee.

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