Tom Corbett exhorts supporters to suppress Philadelphia's (African American?) vote: "Keep that down!"

Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Corbett crossed a line that wise politicians of both parties know to never cross. Before a roomful of apparent supporters, Corbett said:

“President Clinton is coming back into Pennsylvania on behalf of my opponent again. The President is coming in on Saturday. Mrs. Obama is coming in on Sunday or Monday….

I saw today that the Governor said yesterday that Bob Brady should resign as chairman of the Democratic committee of Philadelphia if he doesn’t get 50% turnout….

I don’t think he’s going to get 50%.

But we want to make sure that they don’t get 50%.

Keep that down.”

A friend sent this. She notes, appropriately, that trying to control who wins by trying to control who votes is antithetical to civilized society.

I'd add that the best way to combat such un-American tactics is by voting, and making sure your neighbors vote too.

Caveat: it has been my experience

that Pennsylvania Republicans sometimes use "Philadelphia voters" as code for African American voters.

If Tom Corbett really wants to suppress "Philadelphia voters" in general, I apologize for suggesting a racial aspect to his goal.

When I do good, I feel good; when I do bad, I feel bad, and that is my religion.
--Abraham Lincoln

"Philadelphia" Has Long Been A Codeword for "Others"

"Philadelphia" has long been a code word for "others," whether its blacks, Latinos, Asians, Jews,labor union members, intellectuals,radicals, lawyers, pro-choice advocates, civil libertarians, etc.

Whoever Republicans don't like at a given time, they try to fit in to the codeword of "Philadelphia."

But having a candidate for major public office suggest that a goal of the Republican Party should be to keep the Philadelphia vote down is certainly a new low that once again emphasizes the major differences between the two major parties.

African American Voters

ACTION United has already knocked on the doors of 35,000 voters in African American neighborhoods. We intend to knock on another 14,000 doors this weekend. I am going to show this to my canvassers because we are not going to allow voters to be disenfranchised or suppressed.

Tea Party people following and intimidating buses?

I can't find the information anywhere but someone told me that the Inky or DN had run a story about Tea Party people coming up to Pennsylvania to follow and harass buses of people being driven to the polls. Does anyone have a link to that because I can't find it. Thx.

Found the article - actually Huffpo article about national

I found this - not in the Inky but very interesting. Thanks to Vote for Homes. I am sure you guys have all heard about the radio ads aimed at Latino voters and telling Latinos to not vote?


David A. Love
Executive Editor,

Posted: October 28, 2010 07:12 PM

The Corporate Financing of Voter Suppression

Critics of the U.S. Supreme Court's decision in Citizens United v. FEC predicted that democracy would be sold to the highest bidder. And they were right.

The high court ruling essentially elevated corporations to the status of people, complete with free speech protections, paving the way for an unlimited influx of corporate money in elections.

Almost immediately, Americans witnessed the consequences of the ruling: Rupert Murdoch, CEO of News Corp., contributed $1 million each to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the Republican Governors Association in order to influence the 2010 elections. Koch Industries donated $1 million to California's Prop 23, which would kill that state's 2006 climate change legislation. Koch -- a prominent financier of the Tea Party movement -- will host a "secretive network of Republican donors" in Palm Springs this coming January, featuring a speech by Fox News personality Glenn Beck. According to Charles Koch, the purpose of the gathering is to "review strategies for combating the multitude of public policies that threaten to destroy America as we know it." Supreme Court justices Clarence Thomas and Antonin Scalia have attended Koch-organized events.

But perhaps the most insidious outcome of Citizens United is the corporate funding of Jim Crow-style voter suppression campaigns -- conspicuously orchestrated efforts by Republicans and Tea Party groups to intimidate voters of color and keep them away from the polls.

In the third quarter of 2010, the Republican National Lawyers Association enjoyed an influx of cash right before the midterm elections. The group -- which stirs the pot of racial discord with its unsubstantiated claims of voter fraud in communities of color -- received $150,000 from Amway founder and Orlando Magic co-owner Richard DeVos, and $50,000 from Paul E. Singer, a close friend of Rudy Giuliani. And the group -- which targeted the community group ACORN and used the New Black Panthers as a fundraising tool -- is operating seminars in Illinois in the weeks right before the midterm election. GOP Senate candidate Mark Kirk, who is working with NLRA and an anti-Obama birther, announced his plans to send "voter integrity" teams to Chicago's predominantly black neighborhoods. Kirk has his eyes on four black precincts that he claimed "might be tempted to jigger the number somewhat."

continued here:

Short testimonial about Vote for Homes

You know, now that I mentioned them, I would like to say something. I have been very lucky to meet and work with some amazing people this year, people up in NEPA who are fighting to protect their land and families from massive environmental degradation and ruthless gas drillers...but i hafta say that in the last week of the election it has been an honor to work with Vote for Homes.

I don't know how many people know that Project HOME has a kick-ass canvass and phonebank GOTV operation run by Jennine Miller targeting a universe of 9000 very low-income individuals, and that is amazing in and of itself, but then when you get down to the fact that these are men and women who are so poor they don't have a place to live but still manage to find the bus fare to come to a phonebank from a homeless shelter and make phone calls to remind their fellow Philadelphians with grace, intelligence, and tremendous wit that yes, in fact, sometimes politics is actually a matter of life and death... well that just blows you out of the water. And it makes cynicism literally impossible. Not to mention the option of ever giving up.

Voter security

In Philly we have our own way of dealing with people who infringe on the right to vote. In my ward we have the election judge's toss them out of the polling place.

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