Tonight--DIY Tribute to the Hard Workers

(from a long time activist and Bread & Roses supporter Kate Sorenson)

DIY Tribute to the Hard Workers

Friday, Feb. 15, 7 – 10pm
Calvary Church Basement
Baltimore Avenue and 48th
(801 S. 48th St. 19143)

Last October Bread and Roses threw a great party honoring 30 Philadelphians who have contributed to social change. The event was a lot of fun and drew an unprecedented amount of support for the foundation. Yet, I can think of hundreds of people who have given their time to make social change and deserve an award. Social change movements are built through all of our collective work, over the long hall.

Here are 5 examples out of hundreds:

• Paul Davis deserves an award for his ability to talk so many people into putting themselves farther out in the line than they ever would have considered for social change.

• Jennine Miller deserves and award for creating a space were people who want to fight homelessness can know they are smart, and right, and can depend on each other.

• Jose DeMarco has spent thousands of hours, strategizing, Xeroxing, making placards and holding up the back of marches in support of people with HIV/AIDS. He also deserves an award.

• Tim Dunn deserves an award for organizing Food not Bombs with me, and keeping an eye on everyone who strives for social change in West Philly.

• Jody Dodd deserves an award for watching everybody's legal ass at every major demonstration.

And you know what, I deserve an award. I put some work in for social change too, we all do. There are so many folks who have baked, packed books, made phone calls, raised money, licked envelopes, handed out flyers and let people sleep on their couch, for social change.

I'm inviting you to a Bread and Roses Fundraiser where we all get a chance to honor each other and ourselves. We will craft our own awards!
At this Community Tribute, we will make awards (suitable for framing) out of paper plates, glitter, puffy paint and even macaroni. And we will and present them to each other and ourselves. Bread and Roses is bringing warm beverages and snacks, Prometheus Radio is bringing the sound. Please join and bring a donation to B&R who backs much of our envelopes, Xeroxing and other tools that we use to push for a better world.

Join me –
DIY Bread & Roses Awards

Friday, Feb. 15, 7 – 10pm
Calvary Church Basement
Baltimore Avenue and 48th
(801 S. 48th St. 19143)

More incentive for coming –
1. Your friends will be there.
2. The first 100 awards will have a hand signed limited edition print by Courtney Dailey to decorate around.
3. I have to give a hundred bucks to Calvary to make this happen. You've got to come so we can make some money to B&R who funds everything cool in Philly.

Please help make this event amazing … this is a chain email.
1. Replace the 5 stories above with a few stories of your friends who deserve an award.
2. Pull all the names from your email address book and paste them in the To: section.
3. Send it TODAY! The event is in less than two weeks.
4. Make sure everyone in your group knows about this event and gets the awards they so richly deserve!

Can't join us to make yourself an award? Give a donation to Bread and Roses in your honor, or honor a friend:

Kate Sorensen

This is so awesome

I wish I could come.

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