5th Ward

12 new CC divisions this Fall - should progressives run for those committee seats?

So according to today's Clout column the 5th ward has gained population and will have 12 new committee person seats created this Fall.

Mike Boyle, the ward's Democratic leader, sat down with the City Commissioners months before last week's primary election to remedy the situation. They try to keep divisions from growing larger than 1,200 voters.

Working with Republican leaders, they decided to break up three crowded divisions, making them into three new divisions each - for a total of nine.

They are the 16th division in Old City, the 13th division in Chinatown and the 9th division, which hugs the east side of Broad Street. That plan will be implemented this summer, which means many of the 9,400 voters from those divisions will have new polling places for November's general election.

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