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Tonight--DIY Tribute to the Hard Workers

(from a long time activist and Bread & Roses supporter Kate Sorenson)

DIY Tribute to the Hard Workers

Friday, Feb. 15, 7 – 10pm
Calvary Church Basement
Baltimore Avenue and 48th
(801 S. 48th St. 19143)

Last October Bread and Roses threw a great party honoring 30 Philadelphians who have contributed to social change. The event was a lot of fun and drew an unprecedented amount of support for the foundation. Yet, I can think of hundreds of people who have given their time to make social change and deserve an award. Social change movements are built through all of our collective work, over the long hall.

Here are 5 examples out of hundreds:

This Time We Have Proof

How much does a good education cost?

Last year the Pennsylvania House and Senate hired an auditor to figure out the minimum amount of money that should be spent per student in the state to provide a good education.

They found that each school district in the state needs to spend at least $12,057 per student-- $2,000 MORE per kid than the School District of Philadelphia spends just to provide a basic education.

The Philadelphia Student Union, Bread & Roses grantee and education reform group led by Philadelphia public school students, has helped organize a press conference tonight to release the full report to the media.

They need you to attend and show the press and the legislature how seriously we're taking the findings of this report on education funding. We have to convince House and Senate members to provide the moneyschool districts need to meet the new bottom line dollar amount that they have set.

If you can make it, RSVP here.

Rally & Press Conference for Our Schools
Today, Wednesday November 28 at 6 PM
Benjamin Franklin High School, 550 N Broad St
(near Broad and Spring Garden)

We don't need a study to know that there are real inequities from school district to school district across the state. However, having an objective, well-researched study makes it easier for all of us to agree on a baseline amount of money to spend per kid.

Please help make the efforts of education reform groups, like the Philly Student Union, to get fair and equal funding of schools, a reality. Show your support for equitable funding for school districts across the state by coming to the press conference tonight.

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