Early Childhood Education

What Works in Pennsylvania

The Campaign for What Works has a great video illustrating the interconnectedness of the investments our state makes in a variety of areas from early childhood education to public transportation to workforce training. These investments not only improve the quality of life of Pennsylvanians but create jobs and build a stronger economy.

As the campaign says on its home page: "Pennsylvania works when our state budget supports what works."

Take a minute to watch the video and pass it on.

State tells child services provider to compensate families

Philadelphia preschoolers with a disability have — for more than a year — been shut out of critical services by a private agency hired by the state to deliver those services. Now the state has stepped in — thanks to a complaint filed by the Education Law Center and Disability Rights Network — and issued a directive to the agency: Compensate these families immediately, either by providing overdue services or by writing a check.

Following a month-long investigation, the Pennsylvania Department of Education issued its findings on June 21, sending a clear message to Philadelphia families whose young children need special services: Delays are not acceptable.

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