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Vern Anastasio is an exemplary reformer, and the best choice for the First

Vern Anastasio, is, far and away, the best choice to represent the First District in Philadelphia City Council.

The First District is diverse in its needs – and Vern has the unique blend of community organizing and professional experience to offer viable solutions.

Vern has made the most palpable commitment to represent the entire first district. The neighborhoods north of Girard Avenue -- Port Richmond, Frankford, Fishtown, and Kensington – have been ignored by City Hall for too long. While other candidates have talked about representing these neighborhoods, Vern has made a tangible move to open a campaign office on Allegheny Avenue, which will remain open as the constituent office if Vern wins.

Vern Anastasio, Democratic candidate for the 1st City Council District, to Open Port Richmond Satellite Office

***Media Advisory***

(Philadelphia, PA)- This Friday, May 6, Vern Anastasio, Democratic candidate for the 1st City Council District, will be joined by local activists and members of the community for the grand opening of his Port Richmond office.

The neighborhoods of Port Richmond, Fishtown, and Kensington have not had proper representation in City Council for many years. Anastasio has pledged to open several satellite offices throughout the district if elected to City Council.

As Philadelphia’s next 1st City Council District Councilman, Vern Anastasio will ensure that every neighborhood is represented and every resident has a voice in City Hall.

Who: Vern Anastasio, Democratic Candidate for the 1st City Council District
What: Grand Opening of Port Richmond Office
When: Friday, May 6th
Where: 2700 E. Allegheny Ave, Philadelphia, PA
(Allegheny Ave & Edgemont St)

For Immediate Release: May 4, 2011
Contact: Chris Shores, (267) 793-0557

Anastasio Announces Environmental Sustainability Action Plan

Anastasio Announces Environmental Sustainability Action Plan

Anastasio's plan works towards a cleaner and greener City which is an essential component of growing the economy, crating jobs, and improving the quality of life for Philadelphia residents.

(Philadelphia, PA) – Today, Vern Anastasio, Democratic candidate for the 1st City Council District released his Environmental Sustainability Action Plan for the City of Philadelphia. The plan focuses on responsible development along the Delaware River, establishing a sustainable green economy, and increasing the amount of green spaces throughout the First District.

For decades, the waterfront has been a squandered opportunity. As a member of Council, Vern Anastasio will work tirelessly to enact the PennPraxis vision, forging partnerships to integrate the communities with the Delaware River and transform the waterfront into the crown jewel of our City.

Vote by Mail and Early Vote in Pennsylvania

In the midst of all of this voter ID bill nonsense in Harrisburg, I hope that there is a drive in the state legislature to propose and implement early voting, vote by mail, and other reforms that will increase voter participation.

It's time to advocate for a 21st Century voting system in PA, as they have implemented in other states with a favorable result. What's would draw a sharp contrast between those who want to increase voter participation, and voter ID law proponents who want to place restrictions on the democratic process.

Anastasio Announces Government Reform Plan

Anastasio's plan to change the culture of corruption and entitlement in City Hall
will ensure a more transparent and responsive government

(Philadelphia, PA) – Today, Vern Anastasio, Democratic candidate for the 1st City Council District rolled out his Government Reform Plan for the City of Philadelphia. The plan focuses on rooting out waste, fraud and abuse in City Hall while making City government more transparent, accessible and responsive.

“I’m tired of career politicians lining their own pockets at the expense of Philadelphia families. The only way to change business as usual is to clean up City Hall. The first thing I want to do is eliminate the wasteful DROP program. It has already cost Philadelphia taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars, without providing any concrete benefits.”

Vern Anastasio Announces Education Reform Plan

Anastasio's plan to transform our schools into safe places of learning will ensure that our students have the resources they need to reach their full potential

(Philadelphia, PA) – Today, Vern Anastasio, Democratic candidate for the 1st City Council District rolled out his Education Reform Plan for the City of Philadelphia. The plan focuses on working towards academic excellence while ensuring the safety of all children throughout the City. By providing students with the resources they need to reach their full potential in a safe and secure environment, Anastasio’s plan outlines a number of key objectives that he will work to implement as a member of City Council.

Speaking of that transparency thing. What's a PIDC?

What the heck is a PIDC and why should anyone care? If we're talking about good government, the thing to do is go after those pathetic drones that sit around doodling at their desks while the City goes to hell in a hand-basket. We know where they work too, the Sheriff's office, the City Commissioner's Office, the Streets Dept. etc., etc., etc., the postal service. Fox News tells me that one of those postal workers was caught drinking at a bar, while on duty. Well, of course, what did you expect? They're all like that aren't they?

Thankfully we have a vigilant press to pound on that stuff so that our resentment level at City workers stays high. Here we are jumping as high as our bosses tell us to in the private jobs we pray to God we still have tomorrow, but we know who to blame: those damned public workers who are out there having a good old time until their thieving pensions kick in.

Councilman Green proposes eliminating DROP for Council Members

Newly-elected At-large City Councilman (and Drinking Liberally participant) Bill Green has made a proposal in Council which will bar City Council members from participating in the controversial DROP program. The program was intended to persuade non-elected City officials to work a few extra years for a lump sum payment when they retire. While it was aimed at saving the City money, DROP has wound up to be a bonanza for elected officials, such as former Mayor Street + City Councilwoman Joan Krajewski. Under Green's proposal, current elected officials will remain eligible for DROP for 4 years- grandfathered in, so to speak.

Green ran on a promise to continue his family's long history of serving the City, and I'm very glad to see him following through on that promise.


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