Harrisburg Representation of Philadelphia

Lewis Thomas III for State Representative in the 181st Announcement

Please join me this Saturday along with special guests State Senator Shirley Kitchen, State Representative Frank Oliver, Bruce Crawley, Lana Felton Ghee, 37th Ward Chair Diane Bridges, 14th Ward Chair Virginia Wilks, 20th Ward Chair Renee McNair, Dr. Anthony Monteiro and many others THIS SATURDAY AT 1:00 PM at 2221 NORTH BROAD STREET as we ignite this movement for change and transformation for North Philly.

We have a great event event lined up featuring The Latin Dance Team of North Philly, North Philly Stompers and a spectacular African Drum Core. There will be great food and the great people of my district; not to mention you will get an opportunity to hear firsthand my vision for North Philadelphia moving forward.


Lewis Thomas III
Democratic Candidate for State Representative in the 181st\

Bulletin to Harrisburg: Philadelphia is Part of Pennsylvania

OK, folks, let's see if I can get your attention. I think it may be that we should have cuts in Philadelphia taxes.

No, I haven't gone all Brett Mandel on you. I'm not for tax cuts at any price, nor do I see them as the best tool for moving, shall we say, Philadelphia Forward. If cuts in Philadelphia taxes mean the slightest decrease in City services, or cuts in benefits for City workers, I remain against them. But Philadelphia, compared to other cities and counties in the State is overtaxed . . . by a lot. That's not only wrong from the standpoint of economic policy, it's just plain unfair. And tax equity should be a value that's high on the list of anyone calling themselves progressive.

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