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Please join Governor Rendell in Philly this Saturday for Healthcare Reform

Hi friends - as I've heard it said, the fight for universal healthcare is the civil rights crusade of our time.

Please come this Saturday to show your support. When I get a sec I will write an update on the campaign.


Please join Governor Ed Rendell at a fundraiser for
The Pennsylvania Health Access Network
this Saturday, September 27, 2008
2:00-4:00 pm

at the home of
Marc Stier and Diane Gottlieb
6714 Wissahickon Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19119

Host Committee (In formation):
Gold Hosts, Valerie Arkoosh, MD and Jeff Harbison, Dan Gordon
Silver Hosts Diane Gottlieb and Marc Stier, Betty Gottlieb
Bronze Hosts: Bob Brand and Liz Werthan, Lance Haver, DeWitt Brown, Hal and Sue Rosenthal, Terry Graboyes, Bayard Storey, Olivia Brady

Pennsylvania is poised to take a major step forward in providing quality, affordable health care to all. But we have only a few weeks to make it happen.

Inquirer Editorial on Healthcare Reform Bills: "Affordable and Progressive"

Editorial: Health Care Unfinished business
Wednesday, Sept. 17

Even though Pennsylvania just implemented its most sweeping public-health measure in years - the workplace smoking ban - this is no time for Harrisburg legislators to sit by while nearly 770,000 people in the state continue to go without health insurance.

State lawmakers just back in session this week need to break their months-long stalemate over expanding health care for the uninsured.

At rallies yesterday in Philadelphia and in Harrisburg, community activists and business leaders alike sought to ratchet up pressure on officials to do the right thing.

The legislative standoff revolves around whether to move aggressively or accept incremental progress. It's a case of House Democrats and Gov. Rendell versus Senate Republicans - whose tax-phobic leaders want a go-slow approach.

Insure-animals, from healthcare4every1.org

Insur-Animals #1

This is kind of awesome. Pass Prescription for Pennsylvania (and Access to Basic Care). Health Insurance companies are evil.

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An Open Letter to Senator Clinton and Senator Obama, organized by the Philadelphia Unemployment Project

From the Philadelphia Unemployment Project

An Open Letter

April 10, 2008

Dear Senator Clinton and Senator Obama:

Healthcare has been central to each of your campaigns. As you work here in advance of the April 22nd primary, we wanted to alert you that healthcare is the number one opportunity we have to improve the lives of working Pennsylvanians right now. We, the undersigned, believe your campaigns could advance the cause of Pennsylvania’s reforms, should you choose to make them an issue.

Early last year, Governor Rendell unveiled an ambitious package of reforms known as The Prescription for Pennsylvania (Rx4PA, www.rxforpa.com). Rx4PA would expand access to health insurance with a high quality healthcare plan. With revisions from the House Democrats, that plan is now known as “Access to Basic Care,” and it passed the House this month in Senate Bill 1137.

Rx4PA would also rein in the forces that have driven up the price of insurance in the small group market, reward employers already providing coverage and insure that no one with a pre-existing condition is denied coverage.These also passed the House of Representatives in House Bill 2098 and House Bill 2005.

If these reforms succeed in the Commonwealth, it will make the arguments for either of your national plans much stronger. Rx4PA’s success should also galvanize your allies in Washington while chastening your opponents.

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