Enough Is Enough: Joe Sestak for U.S. Senate

The backslide to the right stops here, if you want it.

Every election has results, so every election counts, but this year’s Senate election in Pennsylvania counts more than most.

Joe Sestak’s campaign for U.S. Senate has taken on national resonance because the Democrats who swept into office in 2008, capturing the White House and both houses of Congress, have stopped acting like Democrats and have certainly lost the mojo that should go along with such a historic victory.

As MoveOn rightly states in their endorsement of Sestak Friday:

Joe Sestak has a strong record in Congress, supporting health care reform, clean energy, and a woman's right to choose. If he wins the primary on Tuesday, it'll send a powerful message that voters want Democrats in Congress who'll proudly lead the fight for progressive legislation.

National DFA's Jim Dean Comes to Philly to Stump for Joe Sestak Saturday

(Sestak now in the lead in one poll- Dan)

National progressives are taking notice, as Joe Sestak has pulled even with Arlen Specter, in the race for the Senate, according to the latest Muhlenberg daily tracking poll.

Open Left, Daily Kos, Atrios, MyDD, and Talking Points Memo all have hailed Sestak's surge.

Saturday at 2:30, Democracy For America national chair Jim Dean (Howard's brother), pulls into Philly to stump for Sestak at a Pre-Mother's Day Rally at Bardascino Park, 10th and Carpenter Street, in the Italian Market area.

Vote By Vote: Calling BS on Specter's "Sestak Missed Votes" Argument

(Cross-posted at Daily Kos) It's become clear that one of Sen. Specter's main arguments against his primary challenger, Congressman Joe Sestak, will be "Sestak missed a bunch of votes in the House." His campaign has even put up a "No Show Joe" website, and Specter recently "compared Rep. Joe Sestak’s missed votes in Congress to going AWOL while serving in the Navy." (Seriously, he said that.)

Summary of the Rally to Support the EPA and the Clean Air Act

On Tuesday the US Senate Environment and Public Works committee started hearings about the Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act.

To kick off the festivities the Sierra Club gathered with citizens at 17th and Arch (EPA Mid-Atlantic Office) to Rally in Support of the EPA and the Clean Air Act. Speakers included Dennis Winters (Chair of the PA Chapter of the Sierra Club), Joe Minott (Executive Director of the Clean Air Council), Pam Johnson (member of SEIU 32BJ), Bill Walsh (District Director for Congressman Sestak) and Jason Brady (Sierra Club) who read statements from Congressman Brady and Senator Specter.

PA Deserves an Equal Vote in U.S. Senate; Shelve That 'National Popular Vote' Stuff until We Get It

(Cross-posted at Daily Kos)

(ADDED NOTE: Philadelphia -- population more than 1.4 million -- has less of a voice in the U.S. Senate than the entire state of Wyoming, population 522,000. Fair? No. Democratic with a little "d"? No.)

OK, so we just had the electoral college vote Monday, and some may be saying, "Hey, what about that National Popular Vote idea?" The Progressive States Network, which I respect, is even going for the argument that the electoral college killed the auto bailout because Republicans thought Michigan's electoral votes are out of reach for them. I disagree.

An email from Sheila Ballen

I got an interesting email from Sheila Ballen today. She has heard about the draft-Sheila "movement" and asked if I could post this on her behalf:

Dear friends,

I recently got wind about these posts. I am humbled that there are people who want to draft me into running against Senator Fumo. It is a great responsibility to be asked and while I am flattered this is something I never really considered and the time is not right so I will not be running for the senate seat. Please allow me to thank the folks who have dedicated their time and effort in trying to draft me into running. I am incredibly gratified by your grassroots effort. I feel fortunate that right now I am able to devote my energies to ensuring that every child receives a quality education in Pennsylvania.

Thank you again,
Sheila Ballen

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